wafl intro smallactive yukon 150Winter Active for Life (WAFL) promotes, introduces and encourages Yukoners of all ages to be physically active outdoors during long winter months when patterns of inactivity are most prevalent, and in activities that require minimal infrastructure and can be done over the lifespan. WAFL began with cross country skiing but has expanded to include snowshoeing and other fun, outdoor winter activities. Did you know that a being outdoors in the cold is good for you?

The WAFL Equipment Lending Library offers rural Yukon communities cross country ski equipment and snowshoes on loan to support opportunities to be winter active. Eligibility information and application forms can be accessed at the WAFL Equipment Lending Library page.

The WAFL Programmer encourages program development in rural and First Nations communities through schools and community groups. For information on these WAFL programs, contact us :

  • Community visits to help develop, maintain or enhance WAFL programming.
  • Access to funding for program leaders' wages and program costs (snacks, equipment etc.) through WAFL RHEAL Leaders for funding to deliver initiatives to increase outdoor, winter activities in rural Yukon and First Nation communities.

Cross Country Skiing offers a variety of benefits. Cross Country Yukon supports WAFL activities specific to the development of the sport of cross country skiing including coaching courses, special events, track setting, etc.

Encourage winter active in your community. Search WAFL Links & Resources for more information.