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RHEAL Leaders support Rural Healthy Eating and Active Living opportunities in Yukon communities.

Deadlines to apply are 1) September 15 or October 31 and 2) January 26

What is the RHEAL Leader Program?

The RHEAL Leader program provides opportunities for physical activity and promotes active lifestyles in rural Yukon communities. These programs don’t replace recreation that is already going on, but encourage participation in a broader range of active recreation.

RHEAL Leader programs run between September and April and are offered at least once every week over a minimum of two months. Programs are led by a qualified, local individual.

The Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon (RPAY) manages the RHEAL Leader program with funding from Yukon Government Sport and Recreation Branch. The program covers expenses such as an honorarium for the leader’s time, materials, supplies, healthy snacks, and/or facility rental.

How does the RHEAL Leader Program work?

Individuals or organizations apply for up to $3,000 per program. Funding can be requested for:

  • Preparation, delivery and administrative time with reasonable justification and based on qualifications
  • Materials, healthy snacks, supplies, facility rental, etc. with an explanation of need

Funding is NOT intended:

  • For staffing costs related to ongoing roles or responsibilities
  • To replace responsibilities of Yukon Sport Governing Bodies
  • To enhance PE classes in schools

Apply by:

  1. Fall deadline: Either September 15 (Early-bird) OR October 31
  2. Winter/Spring deadline: January 26

For more information:

RHEAL Leader Program Overview 

Sample Application

Contact RPAY’s Active Living Coordinator at 867-668-3010


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 Thank you to Yukon Government Sport and Recreation Branch for their generous funding to support this program!