Table of Contents

Leaders Guide

MODULE 0 Overview of the Guide 
0.1 Welcome
0.2 Purpose of the Guide
0.3 How to Use the Guide
MODULE 1 Recreation Foundations  
1.1 Introduction to Recreation
1.2 Recreation in Rural and Remote Communities
1.3 Benefits of Recreation
1.4 Leisure Education
MODULE 2 Yukon Sport and Recreation 2.1 Introduction
2.2 National
2.3 Territorial
2.4 Community (Local) Recreation
2.5 Role of Recreation Leaders 1.4 Leisure Education
2.6 Becoming Oriented to Yukon Communities
MODULE 3 Funding and Budgeting
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Recreation Funding in Yukon
3.3 Financial Management
3.4 Other Sources of Revenue
MODULE 4 Recreation Leadership
4.1 Introduction
4.2 The Leader as a Community Role Model
4.3 Effective Community Recreation Leaders
4.4 Self-Care
MODULE 5 Building and Engaging Community
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Recreation Builds Community
5.3 Community Building and the Recreation Leader
5.4 Supporting Youth Involvement and Leadership
MODULE 6 Planning for Recreation
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Roles in Community Recreation Planning
6.3 A Community-Driven Planning Process
6.4 Ensuring Recreation is Accessible
MODULE 7 Risk Management
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Key Concepts related to Risk Management
7.3 The Process of Risk Management
7.4 Tools for Risk Management
MODULE 8 Quality Programs and Events
8.1 Introduction to Recreation Programming
8.2 Community-Driven Recreation Programming
8.3 Programming Resources, Revenues and Expenses
8.4 Programming Considerations
8.5 Ensuring a Positive Experience for Participants
MODULE 9 Marketing
9.1 Marketing the Benefits of Recreation
9.2 Marketing Approaches and Terminology
9.3 Marketing Plans
9.4 Strategies for Marketing Recreation
9.5 Internet and Social Media
MODULE 10 Facilities and Outdoor Spaces
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Community Facilities and Outdoor Spaces
10.3 Planning and Development
10.4 Operations and Maintenance
10.5 Preventive Maintenance
10.6 Facility-Specific Training
MODULE 11 Working with Groups and Partnerships
11.1 Introduction
11.2 Ways of Working with Groups and Organizations
11.3 Types of Groups
11.4 Developing Committees and Groups
11.5 Working Effectively with Groups
MODULE 12 Staffing and Volunteers
12.1 Introduction
12.2 The Community Recreation Director
12.3 The Staffing Process
12.4 Working with Volunteers
MODULE 13 Board Governance
13.1 Introduction to Boards
13.2 The Role and Function of Recreation Boards
13.3 Roles and Responsibilities
13.5 Resources for Effective Recreation Boards
Self-Assessment Tool

The Yukon Community Leaders Guide is a result of passion, dedication, and many long hours of writing, discussions, interviews and brainstorming sessions. A big thank you is extended to the following individuals and organizations for their contribution:

Yukon’s Recreation Leaders, your input and feedback helped to create a useful, meaningful and relevant resource.

Authors: Caroline Sparks, whose commitment to the parks and recreation field, long term vision, and expertise moved the Guide from its initial concept through to completion, and Brenda Herchmer, whose experience as an adult educator in the community building sector and understanding of technology in leadership development were essential to the success of this project.

Writing and Development: Caroline Sparks, Brenda Herchmer, Mia Lee, Carol Petersen, Ian McGregor, Anne Morgan, Pavlina Sudrich and Inge Sumanik.

Guidance: Sue Meikle, Community Recreation/Active Living Consultant with Yukon Government’s Sport and Recreation Branch, whose encouragement and support helped this Guide become a reality.

Reproduction of media and images is not permitted without permission from the artist or photographer.


    Reproduction of media is not permitted without permission from the artist.

    Video, Active Yukon Youth and Recreation, by Sam Finton
    Active Animal Graphics by C. Caldwell Productions, Whitehorse, Yukon
    Success Story Audios by Mia Lee with:

    • Katherine Sheepway, Marsh Lake
    • Yukon Government Youth Directorate
    • Lotteries Yukon
    • Yukon Government Community Development Fund
    • Ursula Angerer, Tagish
    • Meaghen Kimmitt, Watson Lake
    • Cindy Underhill, Carmacks
    • Lia Fox, Haines Junction

    PowerPoint Presentations by Brenda Herchmer and Anne Morgan
    Document Design and Layout by Palmo Carpino


    Reproduction of images is not permitted without permission from the photographer.

    Surrounded by balloons - Ursula Angerer
    A bird’s eye view - Mike Prawdzik
    RPAY in spring - Caroline Sparks
    Running in the Carcross desert - Caroline Sparks
    Making an ice castle - Danielle Drummond
    Coaching a child in Arctic Sports - Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle

    Module 1

    • Serenity on a calm lake - David Greer
    • Fish frying in canoe - Mike Prawdzik
    • Beautiful crocuses - Caroline Sparks
    • Building a raft - Mike Prawdzik
    • Horsing around in the pool - Krista Senez
    • Snowshoe break - Yolande Cherepak

    Module 2

    • Fun with Arctic Winter Games mascot - Yukon Government
    • Little helper - Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle
    • Happy faces in the Beaver Creek pool - Krista Senez
    • Snowshoeing in winter's wonderland - Don White
    • Support the Youth! - Youth Directorate
    • Beaver Creek Community Club - Shasta McNamara
    • Cute kids on Canada Day in Beaver Creek - Johanna Duyan

    Module 3

    • Gardening in Mayo - Johanna Duyan
    • Wye Lake lookout - Caroline Sparks
    • Very cute in a red snowsuit - R Beecher
    • Photographing fall colours - Mike Prawdzik
    • Hoar frost wonders - Johanna Duyan

    Module 4

    • Circle of swimmers in Beaver Creek pool - Krista Senez
    • Toys for games - Britta Andreas
    • Posing in front of scenic mountains - Krista Senez
    • A little bit of R&R - Mike Prawdzik

    Module 5

    • Ice fishing near Beaver Creek - Johanna Duyan
    • Mt. Lorne evening gathering - Yukon Government
    • Children on Dawson ferry - Caroline Sparks
    • Making bracelets - Adrienne Heinz
    • Youth camping - Youth Directorate

    Module 6

    • Hanging out in Tagish - Ursula Angerer
    • Pond hockey on Chadburn Lake - Mike Prawdzik
    • Planning on the whiteboard in Watson Lake - Caroline Sparks
    • Winter picnic in Tagish - Ursula Angerer
    • Hanging off the rings - Mike Prawdzik
    • Boy in frog hat - R. Beecher
    • Climbing through the hoops - Special Olympics Yukon
    • A home away from home - Jane Vincent

    Module 7

    • Biking with a view - David Greer
    • Ski bugs on backs - Nlaye Ndasadaye Daycare
    • Riding in fall colours - Caroline Sparks

    Module 8

    • Beaver Creek residents celebrate Canada Day - Johanna Duyan
    • Parachute games in Tagish - Ursula Angerer
    • Senior yoga in Tagish - Ursula Angerer
    • Youth leadership training - Youth Directorate
    • Skateboarding is for everyone! - Caroline Sparks
    • Hiking in the Atlin Lake area - Mike Prawdzik
    • A smiley face in Beaver Creek - Johanna Duyan
    • Fall berries - Mike Prawdzik

    Module 9

    • A true northern wedding on Lake Laberge - David Greer
    • Playing amongst the fireweed in Keno - Caroline Sparks
    • Coffee and chat in Tagish - Mike Prawdzik

    Module 10

    • Curling rink in Mayo - Ian Spencer
    • Tennis in Mayo - Ian Spencer
    • The ultimate natural skating rink - Mike Prawdzik
    • Mt. Lorne Community Centre - Mike Prawdzik
    • Aquatics training at the Canada Games Centre - Krista Senez
    • A new zamboni for Mt. Lorne residents - Colin O'Neill
    • Old Crow playground in winter - Caroline Sparks

    Module 11

    • Drum making workshop - D. Shorty
    • Fiddleheads in Dawson City cemetery - Caroline Sparks
    • Learning to skate in Beaver Creek - Johanna Duyan
    • Ski lessons in Beaver Creek - Shasta McNamara
    • Cycling in Tagish - Ursula Angerer

    Module 12

    • Colourful skiers at the Marsh Lake Ski Loppet - Mike Prawdzik
    • Community recreation leaders having some fun - Britta Andreas
    • Playing in winter - Adrienne Hill
    • Recreation leaders strategizing their target - Britta Andreas
    • Arctic Winter Games volunteers - S. Himmelsbach
    • Carpet bowling in Tagish - Ursula Angerer

    Module 13

    • Recreation Gathering at Marsh Lake - Britta Andreas
    • A walk in the woods - Caroline Sparks
    • Airborne in setting sun - Sam Finton


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