The Winter Active for Life (WAFL) Equipment Lending Library makes it easy for rural and First Nation communities to borrow cross country ski and snowshoe equipment free of charge for the season. Instead of a library card, you need an RPAY Community/Associate membership.

Follow the online steps below to request cross country ski equipment or snowshoe loans.

Please note that:

  • Priority is given to rural Yukon RPAY Community/Associate members for cross country ski loans

  • Snowshoes are available on loan to all RPAY Community/Associate Members

Click to activate links and to download files. Please contact RPAY if you have any questions.

Step 1: Introduction to the WAFL Equipment Lending Library

Step 2: Become an RPAY community/associate member.

Step 3: Download and fill out these forms. Upload them in Step #4.

WAFL Equipment Request Form

WAFL Insurance Confirmation Form

WAFL Promissory Note

Step 4: Complete online the WAFL Equipment Request and Agreement.

Step 5: Review WAFL Reporting Requirements

KICKSLEDS...Give them a try!

They are a fun way to enjoy winter and 8 have found a home in the Winter Active for Life (WAFL) Lending Library. RPAY community/associate members can borrow kicksleds for a community event or program. Watch this quick video to see how quick and easy it is to set up and take down the kicksleds.

Up to 2 kicksleds can be borrowed for up to a 2-week timeframe during the winter.

Complete online the Kicksled Request and Agreement.

Norway kicksled 007